PBE Accounts FAQ:

Q: Where can I find my account information?

A: The PBE account information will be sent to your email INSTANTLY after purchase.

Q: Do I need a PBE client to enter the PBE?

A: Yes! If your computer runs League of Legends (LoL) it can run the PBE as well!

Q: Are those accounts permanent accounts that last forever?

A: Yes. Those accounts should stay forever.

Q: Will my account get banned or disabled?

A: No. But if the account will get banned or disabled, we will give you a new PBE account for free!

Q: What will be my ping on the PBE?

A: Depends on your internet speed and where you are located. The PBE Server Is located between NA and EUW.
The PBE server is best for North America, Latin America and Europe West.

Q: How much Riot Points and Influence Points does the account has?

A: The PBE account has 900,000+ Riot Points and Influence Points for you to spend.

You can download PBE client here: